THE NEW VISION SAX ENSEMBLE “MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH TIME” Take a Musical Journey with the New Vision Sax Ensemble as they perform classics from over the decades. This young, fun and exciting group is one of South Florida’s premier sax quartets. This ensemble was founded in 1999 by Melton R. Mustafa and has proven to be one of the most dynamic and diverse groups on the scene. Each member of the group is a professional music educator/musician and has a flair for entertaining every type of audience. The New Vision Sax Ensemble’s interactive performances combine movement, audience participation, riveting solos, diverse repertoire and the highest level of musicianship. This chamber music group was designed to perform all genres of music but loves the Jazz idiom. New Vision’s repertoire consists of Jazz, Classical, R & B, Pop, Ragtime, Spirituals, Ballads, Latin, Funk, Caribbean and many other styles. The members of this ensemble include a lauded group of musicians, from the Miami area, who perform & records regularly. The New Vision Sax Ensemble has been heavenly influenced by the 29th Street Sax Quartet and the World Saxophone Quartet. Track listing 1. Conservation 4:14 2. A Night In Tunisia 5:27 3. Bill Bailey 3:12 4. Round Midnight 3:40 5. Selections From Porgy and Bess 11:11 6. My Favorite Things 3:36 7. I Feel Pretty 2:43 8. Scott Joplin Portrait 5:18 9. Amazing Grace 3:17 file under: JAZZ RELEASE DATE: JUNE 12, 2017 THE NEW VISION SAX ENSEMBLE “MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH TIME” Artist: THE NEW VISION SAX ENSEMBLE Title: MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH TIME Label Website: Artist Website: Release Date: JUNE 12, 2017 UPC Code: 888295583558 Suggested Air Play Tracks 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 Airplay Starts June 12, 2017 Musicians: Alto Sax & Clarinet: Diron Holloway Alto Sax: James Lockhart Tenor Sax: Jason Hainsworth Baritone Sax: Melton Mustafa

In the spirit of the 29th Street Saxophone Quartet and the

legendary, trailblazing World Saxophone Quartet,

The South Florida-based New Vision Sax Ensemble is a woodwind answer to the classical string quartet; unlike its esteemed predecessors,

the New Vision Sax Ensemble—at least on this, its first album—offers no original material but rather focuses on jazz and classic pop and show evergreens.

The musicians—Diron Holloway (soprano, clarinet and alto sax), James Lockhart (alto sax), Jason Hainsworth (tenor sax), group founder Melton R. Mustafa (baritone sax)—are all professional music educators as well. To many that would mean they mostly color within the lines, but in fact their music making is anything but a sterile, academic exercise.

 You wouldn’t expect four saxes to equal, say, the wild-ass baroque ride given Dizzy Gillespie’s “Night in Tunisia” by Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in 1957, but the New Vision Sax Ensemble’s five-and-a-half-minute interpretation is a medium-cool delight in its own right. Mustafa’s baritone holds down the famous bass part with authority, as the conversation between the tenor and the altos becomes more heated, producing scintillating textures of soft and light, even capturing some of the freewheeling energy of Blakey’s version while paying homage to Dizzy’s original.

Purists may be more appeased by the quartet’s version of Monk’s “‘Round Midnight,” with soothing ensemble passages colored by melancholy. The horns’ restraint here has the effect of summoning both loneliness and sensual

 longing—you have to figure Monk would approve.

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